Hello Friends! I have been putting this post off long enough. My first post of the blog! I have wanted it to be perfect but instead I just need to do it and not worry about perfection. I'm excited to make several good changes in 2015 including blogging regularly! Last year was such a wonderful, hard, and crazy year for Kyle and me and we are looking forward to this year with all the new changes that have happened last year and will be happening this year. Here's a brief recap of 2014 for us: We began the year finding out we were pregnant for the first time! We were so shocked and elated! The next few months were the happiest we had experienced, but tragically at our 3-month appointment in March we found out that we had miscarried and I ended up having to have surgery. The next several months were incredibly hard as we tried to figure out how to do life without our baby here on earth. 2014 also brought job changes for Kyle, us moving in with my parents, and sadly deaths of some of our dearest family members. The year also brought exciting changes as well, we adopted 3 puppies, became pregnant with our second child, Kyle found a job he loves, and we also bought a house and moved in Jan 1st of 2015!!! We are so thankful for the hard times and the amazing times in 2014 and we are excited to see what this new year brings! Life can be hard and crazy but there's no one I'd rather do life with than Kyle and having God at the center of our marriage has made all the difference to us! I hope you'll be blessed today!